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     ####  Next General Meeting August 11th at the Pine Grove Community Church!! Hope to see YOU there!!####     \\\\\Check out the latest club changes below.////


I have moved the web site to a new Host site. There may be some broken links. If you find one, please e-mail me HERE and I'll correct it.


The newest challenges to our prospecting freedoms are posted at: Galice Mining

Please go here, read the article then print the petition and have everyone sign it!!


If anyone sees a reason why we should cancel, let me know by Thursday night. Otherwise RSVP so I have an idea of how many are coming.

3 Day Outing @ Taylor Creek: Friday June 27 through Sunday June 29.

I will be meeting folks at Mc Donalds @ the Riddle Exit 103 @ 9am on Friday. The old USFS Tin Can Campground is on the claim with seven sites but thereís room for more. I-5 south; take the Merlin exit and go west through the town of Merlin. After that youíll pass Indian Mary Park and Morrisonís Lodge, both on the right. Take the first road left (Highway 25) after Morrisonís lodge. Itís Taylor Creek road and goes to Briggs Valley. The claim is on the left hand side about six miles up the road.

There should be signs that says: Claim No Mining ORMC 166961 Sara Seante

Campsites will be on a first come first serve basis. There will be a Potluck on Saturday night. The club is providing hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks.

Also I'm going to try and get a Porta-Pottie out there.

Call me if you have any questions or concerns. Walt 541-459-3489

Click HERE for Beach Mining Rules



They're fighting for our rights to mine.




The New 49ers Gold Prospecting club is holding a raffle to raise much needed funds to carry out their Lawsuit to the Supreme Court.

This affects everyone who prospects!!

They are fighting for OUR rights to mine. Please support them

see their flyer

New 49ers Web Site


TO ALL FRIENDS OF MINING - Due to the overwhelming number of threats currently against prospecting and mining, THE WALDO MINING DISTRICT HAS DECLARED AN EMERGENCY . . . AND WE NEED YOUR HELP BEFORE OUR MINING RIGHTS DISAPPEAR! PLEASE follow THIS LINK www.waldominingdistrict.org to visit the Waldo Mining Districtís website where we have information posted about these threats, and what YOU can do to HELP SAVE MINING IN OREGON. UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE WILL SURELY FALL!

Senate Bill 838


CLICK to read

YOU should direct your comments to the Senate Environment and Natural Resource Committee,

because SB 401 and SB 838 is set for a hearing April 15 at 3:00pm

The first name below is the Senate President, he is not on the committee, but we should flood his office too, for letting an unconstitutional Bill go to committee. I understand that he can pull the Bills back from the committee he has sent these to. We need to let him know of our displeasure as well. Guy.

Senator Peter Courtney Senate President Party: D District: 11 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1600 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-201, Salem, OR, 97301 Interim Address: 900 Court St NE, S-201, Salem, OR, 97301 Email: Sen.PeterCourtney@state.or.us Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/senate/senpres

Senator Jackie Dingfelder Committee Chair Party: D District: 23 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1723 District Phone: 503-493-2804 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-407, Salem, OR, 97301 District Office Address: PO Box 13432, Portland, OR, 97213 Email: Sen.JackieDingfelder@state.or.us Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/dingfelder

Senator Bill Hansell Party: R District: 29 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1729 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-423, Salem, OR, 97301 Email: Sen.BillHansell@state.or.us Interim Email:Sen.BillHansell@state.or.us Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/hansell

Senator Mark Hass Party: D District: 14 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1714 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-207, Salem, OR, 97301 District Office Address: PO Box 536, Beaverton, OR, 97075 Email: Sen.MarkHass@state.or.us Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/hass

Senator Alan Bates Party: D District: 3 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1703 District Phone: 541-282-6502 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-205, Salem, OR, 97301 District Office Address: 2859 State Street #101, Medford, OR, 97504 Email: Sen.AlanBates@state.or.us Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/bates

Senator Alan Olsen Committee Vice-Chairman Party: R District: 20 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1720 District Phone: 503-936-8605 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-425, Salem, OR, 97301 District Office Address: PO Box 820, Canby, OR, 97013 Email: Sen.AlanOlsen@state.or.us Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/olsen



DCPA BYLAWS will be updated soon



contact WALT EVENS if you are interested.

Douglas County Prospectors Association 444 NE Winchester PMB 12D Roseburg OR 97470-3256


Our Christmas dinner and meeting will be held on December 6th at 6:00pm. Setup at 4:00pm. No help will be turned down.

Gift exchange will happen after dinner. If you wish to participate please bring a new wrapped gift in the $10.00 range.


Douglas County Prospectors Association meets the second Monday of each month 7:00pm at:

PINE GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH is located in Dixonville at

1729 Buckhorn Rd. Roseburg, Or


$12.00 per family per year.

Send your completed application to:



PMB 12-D



MONTHS will be linked as soon as I receive information. 2011 or 2012 has been substituted for the NEW 2013 year if the newsletter hasn't come out yet.